Central Florida Stick Night at Natura Coffee & Tea

In the 1970’s a man named Emmett Chapman invented a musical instrument that is now known as a Chapman Stick®.

Basically, it is a large guitar-like instrument with a huge fretboard that is played upright, instead of slung across the shoulder on a strap. It’s rare to find someone who plays it, but Orlando has several that do.

Local musicians Jeremy Birdsall and Juan R. Leon will be joined by Flint Blade (another Stick player) and drummer Reed Hayes for a jam fest this Friday night (July 28).

The event will take place at Natura Coffee & Tea (12078 Collegiate Way) starting at 9pm. Birdsall says the evening will end with a Q & A and “petting zoo”, where audience members can try out the Chapman Stick® for themselves.

It’s free to attend.

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