Medieval Times Unveils New Show at Kissimmee Castle

Tuesday night (June 26) I was a guest of Medieval Times as they unveiled a newly revamped show to a packed venue. For a show to be nearly at capacity on a Tuesday night is a testament to how good it is.

...|: The show's emcee on his horse

Myself and my guest, photographer Patti Frazer, arrived early and had our picture taken at the entrance. We then went inside, got some water and walked around the lobby, the gift shop, the wine room and the Medieval village outside (thank goodness the rain had stopped).

During this time, serving wenches walked around with trays of hors de ouerves. Among the offerings were salami and cheese rollups, buffalo chicken balls, meatballs, and celery sticks stuffed with a garlic cream cheese mixture.

Around 7pm, they started seating by color. Patti and I were assigned to the Green section at the ticket window, and of course our color was to be seated last. However, since I need to use a walker to get around, we were escorted up a ramp to the front seating where our assigned table was. Thank goodness – I would have never made it up the stairs.

The meal started with a bowl of tomato bisque and a piece of garlic bread. And of course in keeping with Medieval tradition, there are no utensils except your own fingers. Next up was a half of a roast chicken, spare ribs and about half a potato’s worth of herbed roasted potatoes. Yes, you’d better come hungry to this show because you get a lot of food.

Vegetarians needn’t worry though. Simply tell your server and you get an alternative to the chicken and ribs. My plate came with pita chips and hummus (yummy), a rice dish that tasted like it had beans in it (though it was hard to tell in the darkness) and a skewer of roasted vegetables (that unfortunately I couldn’t eat since it had mushrooms, which I’m allergic to).

The meal also comes with Pepsi or Diet Pepsi, and a “Pastry of the Castle” dessert (apple turnover is what ours was).

Now I hadn’t seen the previous Medieval Times show, so I can’t compare it to the new version, but I can tell you the show I saw Tuesday night was great

...|: All the knights in a row

It started off with a showcase of the horses, then we were introduced to the knights. Remember earlier I had mentioned how the seating was colored? Well each section had their own knight. There was yellow, black & white, red, blue, red & yellow and our section, green. Six in all. Our job was to cheer on our knight to victory. I tried, but my voice isn’t up to par yet, so I just clapped loudly.

First the knights competed in skills tests, then they participated in jousting. The green knight lasted through the second round, but the top victory of the evening went to the red & yellow knight.

You can take photos during the show, but I advise you to save some for afterwards, when the knights appear in the lobby to meet the guests and take photos with them. I have to say they were all very nice. Oh and props to our server, Don, for his help in storing my walker during the show and taking care of my dietary needs during the meal service.

Tickets to see Medieval Times are $59.95 for adults and $35.95 for kids 12 and under. There are also packages that include things like photos and VIP seating for an additional cost.

Check out the website for Medieval Times at for more information, including special ticket offers. A current online special allows you to check out the new show from June 29th to July 8th, 2012, for only $34.95 for adults and $29.95 for kids.

I have to say between the entertainment of the show and the dinner, you definitely get your money’s worth at Medieval Times.

The Kissimmee location is at 4510 W. Vine Street.

All photos by Patti Frazer and we’ve got a few more…

...|: Our green knight readies to joust
...|: Tomato bisque
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