Orlando Raises Taxi Rates by 9 Percent

The city of Orlando raised its taxi cab rates by 9 percent as of Monday, April 23, 2012..

The city council approved the new rates which are now a base of $2.40 for the first quarter mile (up from $2.20) and 60 cents for each additional quarter mile (up from 55 cents).

It may seem like a small amount, but it does add up. For instance, a 10-mile ride via cab will now set you back $25.80 instead of $23.65.

Technically, the rate hike only applies within the city limits, but Mears transportation, which does a lot of Orlando airport to Walt Disney World passenger trips, says it will apply the new rates throughout the area to avoid confusion.

Isn’t that nice of them?

Anyways, if you need to take a cab anywhere within the city, be prepared to fork out a bit more to do it from now on.

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