Local Sanford Businesses Feel Sting of Trayvon Martin Controversy

Even though they had nothing to do with the current Trayvon Martin shooting controversy, local Sanford businesses are feeling the backlash just the same.

Many locals are refusing to visit these restaurants, bars and other shops, which had nothing to do with the shooting, not wanting to get caught up in the events happening in the wake of the shooting. To make matters worse, the Rev Al Sharpton has called for a boycott of local Sanford businesses.

It makes no sense to boycott local businesses because of the shooting. In fact, they need your support more than ever. WIthout customers, these local businesses have no way to pay their bills and employees stand to lose their jobs.

Do not let the shooting or Sharpton scare you off and please continue to patronize your favorite local Sanford businesses!

And if you haven’t been up to Sanford lately, the monthly Alive After 5 event is a great reason to go. It costs only $7 a person and is held in historic downtown Sanford. April’s theme is shrimp.

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