Test Track to Close at Walt Disney World for Updating in April 2012

One of the most popular attractions at Walt Disney World’s Epcot will be closing this spring for a few months of updating.

Test Track at Epcot will be closing in April 2012 for what Disney is calling a “re-imagineering” of the ride.

First, the full name of the ride will be changing from GM Test Track at Epcot to Test Track Presented by Chevrolet.

The entrance queue and the exit area are both going to receiving a remodel that incorporates the ride’s sponsor, Chevrolet, in a more prominent way. There will be interactive design and styling workstations at which you will be able to create custom concept vehicles. Also included will be a “SimCar” ride vehicle experience where you can put your design through its paces on the Test Track circuit.

The post-show area will still be a showroom for the latest Chevy models.

I’m hoping they make the ride seats a little wider and comfortable, too.

They don’t have an exact date for the ride to reopen, except to say their projected timeframe is fall 2012. So if you were hoping to ride it during a visit this summer, it won’t be open.

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