In Review: Pho K5 Vietnamese Restaurant in Orlando

We were on the west side of Orlando when we decided to try out the Pho K5 Vietnamese Restaurant on West Colonial.

The four of us decided to start with the crispy egg rolls and they were great! We all loved them.

I had a large bowl of pho (#28, I think) and my husband had the same but an XL bowl. My daughter, Abby, ordered pho without the meat and ate about half of a small bowl, which is pretty good for her. We ordered a chicken and broccoli with steamed rice for our youngest, Matty. It was good! The portion size was big, even for an adult, but the 3 yr old ate all the chicken and a little bit of the veggies.

Service was fast and the food was quite good. The prices seemed reasonable, especially since we had leftovers to take home.

I do see us returning to this restaurant. We love finding small places as the food is seems to be better than the fancy big places.

Pho K5 is located at 5286 W Colonial Dr in Orlando. Phone is 407-532-7373. They don’t appear to have a website, but there is a Facebook business page.

Ph? K5 on Urbanspoon

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