Hospitaliologist JP Evans Ready to Help Open New Patient Tower at Celebration Health

Florida Hospital’s Celebration Health is getting ready to open a new patient tower next week on August 11th.

In the days leading up to the event, they have someone out and about the community helping to get the word out.

Meet hospitaliologist JP Evans, who is camped out in front of the hospital in a 36-ft Airstream trailer, ready to answer any questions people might have on the new addition to the hospital.

What is a hospitaliologist? According to Evans, it’s defined as “a person who studies improvements in patient care based upon treatment and technology innovations developed by today’s best hospitals and health care providers.”

He’s been sharing his exploits, including several jaunts around town, at his Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, if you want to follow him online.

He also welcomes anybody and everybody to come hang out with him at his trailer.

Celebration Health will open their tower on Thursday, August 11, at 6pm. There will be an official ceremony, followed by tours for the public.

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