Hip Hop Photographer Ricky Powell to Host Opening of Art Show at Mother Falcon Clothing on July 30

You may never have heard of Ricky Powell, but you’ve probably seen his work.

As a young photographer in the 80s, he managed to talk his way into a spot as a tour photographer for up-and-coming rap groups like Beastie Boys, Run DMC, LL Cool J and more. His work started appearing in a slew of newspapers and magazines ranging from the New York Times to the Village Voice.

Well, starting July 30, 2011, an exhibit of his photographs goes on display at Mother Falcon Clothing in Thornton Park, and Powell will be in attendance. All images that will be on display are for sale and can also be screened onto a t-shirt (since that’s what Mother Falcon does).

The event starts at 8:30pm and will feature live entertainment by Andrew Spear, Nigel John, Francis Lt-smash Crisostomo of The Lazy Afternoon.

Mother Falcon Clothing is located at 817 E. Washington St and you can call them at 407-423-3060.

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