Hearst Networks Unveils New Classic TV Station in Orlando

This week, a new local TV station hits the airwaves in Orlando. It’s called MeTV and its programming relies on classic series from the 50s through the 70s.

It debuts at 5am on Monday, July 11, and runs 24/7 with programming. Among the regulars on the schedule are comedy classics like “M*A*S*H,” “Cheers,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “I Love Lucy” and “The Bob Newhart Show.”

Westerns play a big part, with “The Big Valley,” “Rawhide,” and “Marshal Dillon,” as do crime dramas like “Perry Mason,” “Streets of San Francisco,” and the original “Hawaii 5-0.” I’m hoping they eventually add “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” – I watched that one all the time as a kid.

MeTV is broadcast for free on digital Channel 2.2. It can also be found on Cox Cable on channel 112, Brighthouse on channel 468, and Comcast at channel 216. The channel is not available in HD.

It doesn’t currently have a website that I can find, but you can see a programming line-up here or view a slide show at MeTV’s sister station WESH-TV.

3 thoughts on “Hearst Networks Unveils New Classic TV Station in Orlando

  1. I found this channel by scrolling one day and have watched it every day! I got up yesterday morning and went to turn it on and it was gone! What happened and when will it be back??? Its finally a station worth paying for and now its gone!!!

  2. Hi Pat,

    Maybe it was a glitch, but the station appears to be up and running now. It’s the first week, so they may still be ironing out the kinks. I agree it’s got great programming. If you have BrightHouse cable, there’s another great retro station at channel 465. They have a lot of crime drama shows.

    Thanks for visiting the CitySurfing Orlando blog!

  3. Hope the Orlando area can give this a chance:

    the old school horror host is a dying breed, and MeTV airs on the the last (and best ever) in Svengoolie.
    Sven was nationally synicated for a few years way back in the 1980s!
    He is a household name in Chicago area.

    Enjoyed a “live” Sven broadcast after almost 28 years!
    The Orlando MeTv broadcasts his show every Saturday night at 10pm.

    Looking forward to each and every week!

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