Star Tours Ad Hits Airwaves in Time for Re-opening May 20

If you haven’t seen it yet, Walt Disney World’s first TV ad for the new version of Star Tours has hit the airwaves (at least online).

I am so super excited to check out all of the changes – especially to the scenario once you board your starspeeder. 54 different trips? I’ll be on this ride all summer.

Star Tours reopens on May 20 (which is this Friday, in case there’s not a calendar handy) and it kicks off the 2011 season for Star Wars Weekends.  Just a reminder, the grand re-opening ceremony will be simulcast live on the web, if you can’t actually make it to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you haven’t seen the ad, or you just need another reason to get psyched up, here is the ad for your viewing pleasure:

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