Orlando Food Truck Heaven at Plaza Live Photo Recap

My friend, and new contributor to CitySurfing Orlando, Carol Garreans, took her family to the Food Truck Heaven event held at Plaza Live.

They went early in the evening and said there were about 8 food trucks (about half of what the flyer said), most of them Latin and South American in cuisine.

They did enjoy some tacos from the Taco Company and some Venezuelan arepas from another truck. They finished off with some coated soft serve cones from Mister Softee.

She noticed the early crowd consisted of lots of families, but as it got later, it was more of a singles and couples crowd.

Here are some photos she texted over while her family was eating:

Taco Company Tacos
Venezuelan Arepas
Ice Cream Cones as Big as Your Head!

Did you go? What did you think of it?

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