Mills-Stock ’11 Highlights Musicians and Mills50 Venues this Weekend

Want to check out a bunch of really good musicians? Then you’ll definitely want to head over to the Mills 50 District to take part in Mills-Stock ’11.

This area covers the businesses that are located near the intersection of Mills Ave and E. Colonial, just east of downtown.

During Mills-Stock ’11, Will’s Pub, Wally’s, Peacock Room, and Lou’s LGMA will offer up a full evening of local and import music for your listening pleasure.

It’s only $8 per night, which allows you to venue hop, but you really want to get the full weekend wristband, which only costs $15, and also gets you drink specials. Kudo’s to Yelp-Orlando for helping to put this together.

Rather than list the schedule individually, take a gander at the poster below.

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