Get Ready for PILLOWLANDO MMXI on April 2

Did you ever engage in a pillow fight as a kid? Ever wondered what would happen if said pillow fight were done on a larger scale?

Then you’ll want to check out this weekend’s PILLOWLANDO in Downtown Orlando. It’s part of International Pillow Fight Day.

Timed to coincide with hundreds of other cities worldwide, the event takes place Saturday, April 2, at 5pm.

The Orlando version is being organized by local award-winning conceptual artist Brian Feldman. The recipient of the 2011 State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, he is best known for leaping off of a ladder 366 times over 24 hours (“Leap Year Day”) and eating dinner on stage with his real life family over 40 times (“The Feldman Dynamic”).

PILLOWLANDO is free to attend, but there are some rules. According to Feldman, the following apply:

  • Soft pillows only!
  • Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once.
  • Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
  • Remove glasses beforehand!
  • Wait until the signal to begin. (Don’t arrive more than a couple minutes early!)
  • Please, please, please do not use feather pillows! (This is a feather-free fight.)
  • If anyone has a hard pillow, you should return it to the shop, because it’s faulty.

The exact downtown location will not be named until the day of, similar to a flash mob event, so if you want to attend PILLOWLANDO, follow it on Twitter @PILLOWLANDO.

Unfortunately I can’t make it this year, but if you do and put up any photos online, drop me a link.

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