Velvet Sessions at the Hard Rock Spins Off Acoustic Sessions for March

For those who’ve never been there, the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando has an almost monthly concert series called Velvet Sessions. They bring in classic pop and rock bands to play for the evening and have a pre-show with free cocktails and such.

Well, if you’ve always wanted to check out a Velvet Sessions show, but weren’t sure if you wanted to pay the $30 or so for a ticket, you might want to check out the show this week.

It’s a bit of a twist called “Acoustic Sessions” and instead of a full band, it will feature Carl Dixon (formerly of the Guess Who) in an unplugged-style concert.

In addition to being a stripped down version of the normal Velvet Session concert (but no less fun), this show differs because it’s completely free.

Of course, because it’s free, drinks won’t be, but there will be cash bars and cocktail service for the evening, and free self-parking at the hotel.

This “Acoustic Sessions” show with Carl Dixon takes place Thursday, March 3, 2011, and starts at 7pm.

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