House of Pain Brings 20th Anniversary Tour to The Beacham

A few weeks ago, I found out via Kelly Fitzpatrick that the Tabu was being reverted back to The Beacham Theater, in a new partnership involving the folks from next door’s The Social.

Well, this partnership seems to be paying off, with a new show booked for The Beacham in March.

In the early-90s, an Irish-styled American hip hop trio by the name of House of Pain had a huge hit with “Jump Around.” After a few albums, lead rapper Everlast split from DJ Lethal and Danny Boy to do his own solo thing.

This year, the trio has decided to reunite, and their 20th Anniversary tour will be making a stop at The Beacham on March 31, 2011. Tickets are $20/$25 and go on sale this Friday, January 28 at 10am.

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