Aveda Florida Mall Raises Funds for SPCA of Florida

This weekend, Aveda at the Florida Mall were holding a charity fundraiser, so my roommate and I swung by to check it out on Saturday.

From the nearly full donation jar, it looked like they were doing a great job. I poked around a bit and then sat down with Thi for a consultation.

First we did a chakra aromatherapy test, and it said my root chakra would benefit most. Coating her palms with a mixture of massage oil and Aveda’s Chakra 1 body mist, she gave me a really nice neck massage as light smells of patchouli, vetiver (an Indian grass) and olibanum (frankincense) wafted around me.

We then talked about my hair and she showed me the new Be Curly line Aveda has. I have to say it smelled great – very clean and earthy – and I liked that the styling products didn’t weigh down my hair.

Thi said that their store loved to hold fun events on weekends, so if you happen to be at the Florida Mall, swing by and see what’s happening.

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