Retro Photo: Epcot Lights of Winter Holiday Arch at Walt Disney World

One of my favorite holiday displays at Walt Disney World was always the Lights of Winter arch that straddled the walkway that connected the two sections of Epcot.

It was programmed so the lights changed colors and danced to the holiday music being played. It was so pretty and always got me into the spirit. Sometimes I would just perch myself under it on one of the planter ledges and watch for 20 or 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, 2008 was the last year that WDW decided to install the display. Disney officials stated in 2009 the park was retiring the Lights of Winter because the technology to operate the attraction was obsolete.

So in memory of a truly magical holiday display, here’s a photo of the Epcot holiday arch. I took it during the last year that Walt Disney World had the Lights of Winter up.

I was in Future World, looking towards the World Showcase. At the very end, you can see the bottom of the Christmas tree at the entrance to the World Showcase.

Hopefully we’ll get to see this beautiful display again during a future holiday season. After all, Disney Imagineers should be capable of creating a comparable display that is more up-to-date technology-wise.

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