Not Your Normal Santa Sculpture at WDW Swan and Dolphin

I’ve seen snow Santas and sand Santas but the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotel has a Santa sculpture I’ve never seen before – a life-size chocolate Santa.

The entire display, complete with armchair, fireplace and Christmas tree, is made from 1,200 pounds of chocolate.

According to the hotel, their world-champion executive pastry chef, Laurent Branlard, used 880 pounds of dark chocolate, 132 pounds of milk chocolate, 154 pounds of white chocolate and 120 pounds of cocoa butter.

They also say this amazing creation contains almost 3,000,000 calories. Something tells me Weight Watchers would not approve.

Not sure what they’re going to do with the sculpture when the holidays are over, but I sure hope they have the air conditioning cranked up to prevent it from melting in the meantime.

[Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin]

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