Walt Disney World Files Plans for Pleasure Island Renovations

Monday, the blog Save Pleasure Island, uncovered construction permits filed by Walt Disney World for the “Pleasure Island/Downtown Disney Re-Development Project.”

The first permit requests permission to have construction trailers on the property, but it’s the second one that is of most interest.

This one is a permit for “Overall Site Construction,” specifically naming certain areas on the island.

Of most importance to long-time fans of PI is the mention of area development between the Comedy Warehouse building and the demolished BET and Adventurer Club. That’s right…they are officially going to be tearing down the Adventurers Club, closing all rumors that it might receive a last minute reprieve despite all the pleas from long-time fans.

No word on what will go up in its place.

The area between Portobello restaurant and Raglan Road was also mentioned on the permit. This combined with the construction already underway next to Fulton’s and Portobello leads me to believe the main walkway onto the island from that area is being rerouted.

The permits also make mention of a Valet Parking area by Bridge #2.

As the Disney Blog points out, the original plans filed upon the closing of the Pleasure Island nightclubs in September 2008 called for remaking the lagoon side of the island into a string of restaurants operated by outside vendors that would provide views of a new nightly fireworks show.

So far, all that has materialized from that is the opening of Paradiso 37.

Despite WDW’s claim of wanting to make PI more family friendly, it really needs to put in more nightlife options. Not everybody who visits Walt Disney World comes with kids and it’d be nice to have options after the parks close. But so far, Disney is keeping mum on exact plans for Pleasure Island.

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