Country Rocker Christian Kane Hits Up Local Radio on October 26

If the name Christian Kane sounds familiar, it’s because he’s carved out quite an acting career with TV shows like Joss Whedon’s Angel and his current hit, Leverage, which airs on TNT.

But Kane is also an accomplished musician and tomorrow (October 26), he’ll be in town doing a radio tour to promote his new cd.

He’ll be at K92fm in Orlando at 10:30am and at 97 Country in Lakeland around 4pm.

The Christian Kane EP features five songs that are a good mixture of country rock, ballads and rowdy party tunes.

The lead track “House Rules” has been a favorite of fans for a while and the video for the song recently debuted on the CMT Network at the beginning of October.

You can purchase the EP at Kane’s website for only $5.

So if you want to be able to say “I knew him when he was just starting out…” go see him at one of his radio appearances tomorrow. This Texas boy has the potential to go far and will be putting out great music for years to come.

For those that want a taste of Kane at home, here’s the director’s cut of the “House Rules” video. It was directed by actor Timothy Hutton, Kane’s Leverage co-star, and features a really cool single-camera shot at the beginning.

3 thoughts on “Country Rocker Christian Kane Hits Up Local Radio on October 26

  1. I love the song and the video. I’ve said on twitter. He will go far. He loves his fans and thanks them. He knows he wouldn’t be where he is without his fans. When it comes to voting for him, they are there for him.

  2. Thanks for your comment Debra! I agree – he’s a very gracious man and takes the time to let his fans know how much he appreciates their support.

  3. Hey after reading blog posts like this, I have realized that I must enhance my game. Good job with the article. Love the Music.

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