Brighthouse Cable Introduces New Look Back Feature

Today I had to have my dvr box swapped out because it had died. After the Brighthouse tech finished hooking up the box, he showed me a new feature that Brighthouse has recently introduced.

Called “Look Back,” it allows you to watch a program for up to three days after its initial air date.

It works on both DVR and non-DVR converters and is available to all digital television customers.

To use the feature, choose the channel that you want to watch and press the blue “select” button on the remote. A box will pop open on that channel with the “Look Back” option and from there you can choose the program you want to watch.

Right now, the feature is available on certain networks like the Brighthouse Sports Network, The Learning Channel and NBC.  Brighthouse will be adding more channels in the coming weeks, including A&E, Discovery, Animal Planet, Food Network, History Channel, Syfy and USA.

My tech also let slip that Brighthouse will be changing its channel lineup on October 26, because it is adding new channels. He wouldn’t tell me what channels, though, and I can’t find much info on the company website.

More news on that as I find out.

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