Watch the Live Stream of Rivers of Light from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Aug 22

Rivers of Light to Open at Disney's Animal Kingdom Feb 17, 2017

As part of their online series, Disney will live stream the “Rivers of Light” show from Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

“Rivers of Light” is a nightly show that celebrates animals and nature by combining floating set pieces, lanterns, a soaring musical score, fountains and more.

Eastern festival traditions merge with innovative technology to make Rivers of Light come alive. The show’s storytellers “narrate” this emotionally moving show through a combination of dance, music, song and shadow puppetry.

The show takes place  in the park’s Discovery River lagoon between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest.

How to Watch:

The live stream will begin at 8:40pm ET at the Disney Parks Official Blog. A fresh blog post containing the live stream will be at the top of the blog.

These free live streams are a lot of fun to watch, and bring the Disney park experience to you wherever you are.

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