Out and About: Duck Donuts Now Serving Up Made to Order Deliciousness in Kissimmee

Duck Donuts Serving Up Made to Order Deliciousness in Kissimmee

We heard about a new made-to-order donut shop called Duck Donuts opening in The Crosslands Shopping area in Kissimmee and decided to check it out. Based on our friends pictures, they looked amazing.

We found it, even though it had no sign yet above the door. It’s that new. We were greeted at the door and the process was explained to us as we had not been to a Duck Donuts before.

When they say “made to order”, they mean it. The cake donut is not cooked until you order it, so every donut is fresh! Once it’s cooked, and cooled, it is then iced and topped and drizzled as you ordered it.

Duck Donuts Serving Up Made to Order Deliciousness in Kissimmee

You can have one icing, one topping. and one drizzle per donut. At least that is what is recommended. They have a good variety of toppings including flavored icing, bacon, sprinkles, and cookie crumble.

We ordered 1 dozen for our family of four. We each got to choose 3. That gave us a good variety to try. It was fun to decide how we wanted each donut to be. These donuts were amazing when hot and fresh off the line! We all thoroughly enjoyed it!

The next morning we had them for breakfast. They were still so good! But I could only eat one. So I put my last donut in a baggie to save it for later. It turned out to be 2 days later by the time I got to eat it. This donut was still very good even after so long! That was amazing to me. Other donuts do not hold up to be eaten that long after.

Duck Donuts Serving Up Made to Order Deliciousness in Kissimmee

The donut is a cake donut, so it is a bit heavier than other types of dough. Since it is made to order, it does take some time. This is not a fast procedure, though they are efficient at the process.  The place is small with only 2 tables, and the line can become very long. But it is worth it.

They are in soft opening this week and open 8am-6pm. Starting next week regular hours are Sun-Thurs 6:30am-7pm, and Fri-Sat 6:30am-9pm.

Duck Donuts is located in The Crosslands Shopping Center at 710 Centerview Blvd in Kissimmee, in between Midici and GMC. Find them online at duckdonuts.com or at the store’s Facebook page.

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